What's for Dinner?

Friday, November 30, 2007

It took me so many hours to prepare our dinner tonight. You never believe me, I started around 2pm! Thank god I managed to cook for Margaret who just had her dinner 10 minutes ago--->yeah, 430pm. Is not funny,k? She has to rush to the bus station and she just can't afford to be late!

Okok. I tried making 煎饼, that's why it took me so long to come online again. My back starts to ache as I stood for too long. Stamina not good...I'll try to post the recipe again tonight, if Ben didn't cling onto me,ok? Oh I love Friday...
Dough: 2 rice cups of Plain flour with 2/3 cups of boiling hot water.
Stir quickily with chopsticks then knead until smooth.*hot hot, see my hand red red* Let rest for 30min.
Filling: 1 bowl Minced meat, lots of 葱 but same portion, 1 onion, some garlic, black sause, pepper.--->stir fried, make sure the filling is DRY.
THEN, flaten the dough and spread little oil and salt before adding filling. Roll it up and cut into small pieces. I used my palm to press them hard together before pan fried.

My 煎饼

酸辣汤 - silken tofu, 3 Tbsp of vinegar (black) & 1 Tbsp for white vinegar, 2 Tbsp of sugar, crab meat *Ben's fav*, beaten egg, 香油, salt to taste. Remember to add corn flour starch before beaten egg.

芹菜, fried with leftover meat from 煎饼

Last but not least, my 腐乳蒸鸡, just marinate the chicken with fremented tofu, can get it for $1 plus from NTUC or other supermarkets. Add chili if you like. *all-time fav*