Steam Carrot / Radish Cake

Monday, February 02, 2009

Okay, I used up so much time to prepare the ingredients this time. Even went out early in the morning to get the rice flour so that I can cook these 2 trays before 12 noon.

Reason for cooking Radish cake today? 要讨个好彩头啦!!!


These are the step by step and the recipe, you can get it from Jo


Muah Chee 麻芝


Muah Chee 麻芝 - Some families must-have festival dish. Why did I make it today? It is because too much peanut powder (bought extra for cny cookies) and I always wanted to make this as EVERYONE of us loves Muah Chee. Well, I almost failed today as I didn't know it needs to be kneaded ( mum told me to use my kitchenaids mixer) until it is QQ, I thought after steaming, it already looked very QQ to me. hahahaha, thanks mum and dad for helping. >.<
Ingredients A
Shallots : 6 nos. (sliced)
Oil : 5 tbsp

Ingredients B
Glutinous Flour : 300g
Water : 450g
Shallots Oil : 3 tbsp

Ingredients C (finely grinded)
Fried peanut : 250g
Fried white sesame seeds : 50g
Sugar : 100g Method:
1) Heat up oil, fry shallots till golden brown, remove shallots for later use.
2) Mix Ingredients B till well combined
3) Strain into an oil-coated steaming tin
4) Steam over high heat for 45min.
5) Removed, use wooden spoon to stir in one direction till smooth
6) Sprinkle a handful of sugar on top to prevent it from turning dry
7) Sprinkle fried shallots
8) Cut into small pieces, roll over the peanut sesame mix and serve<img