Muah Chee 麻芝

Monday, February 02, 2009


Muah Chee 麻芝 - Some families must-have festival dish. Why did I make it today? It is because too much peanut powder (bought extra for cny cookies) and I always wanted to make this as EVERYONE of us loves Muah Chee. Well, I almost failed today as I didn't know it needs to be kneaded ( mum told me to use my kitchenaids mixer) until it is QQ, I thought after steaming, it already looked very QQ to me. hahahaha, thanks mum and dad for helping. >.<
Ingredients A
Shallots : 6 nos. (sliced)
Oil : 5 tbsp

Ingredients B
Glutinous Flour : 300g
Water : 450g
Shallots Oil : 3 tbsp

Ingredients C (finely grinded)
Fried peanut : 250g
Fried white sesame seeds : 50g
Sugar : 100g Method:
1) Heat up oil, fry shallots till golden brown, remove shallots for later use.
2) Mix Ingredients B till well combined
3) Strain into an oil-coated steaming tin
4) Steam over high heat for 45min.
5) Removed, use wooden spoon to stir in one direction till smooth
6) Sprinkle a handful of sugar on top to prevent it from turning dry
7) Sprinkle fried shallots
8) Cut into small pieces, roll over the peanut sesame mix and serve<img