Salmon Puff

Sunday, April 27, 2008

It took me less than 5 minutes to prepare this today!

Why Pizza?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Margaret has been pestering me to bake something these few days, be it a cake or a kuih. Not only that, she also kept insisting that we had promised her to go shopping at Causeway Point together and dine in at PASTAMANIA. Well, we went there at the end despite much reluctance but we didn't go to Pastamania.

M : OK, then we go home and make pasta tonight?
D : Need to buy minced meat and spaghetti. I am not sure if there is any pasta sauce at home. Don't forget we need to buy mushroom as well.
M : Well, then we bake pizza will do.
D : That's a better idea and much easier as I have flour and yeast at home. Go grab some ham, cheese and tomatoes paste.

We headed home and I start searching for some recipe online and found this from small small baker . There are plenty of recipes online but I choose her as I don't have bread flour at home, well, I have no idea why must it be bread flour as the original recipe for pizza dough use only flour or semolina flour. Anyway, so long as my dough does raise and doesn't collapse, I shall thank her for the recipe!

Simple ingredients..

Sinful baked ham & mozzarella cheese

This one for Margaret !

This one for Ben !

French Toast

I woke up this morning..a bit late but everyone was still asleep. I do laundary, mop the floor, water the plants, throw rubbish, clean up the war zone and prepare breakie for everyone. While preparing the breakie, M woke up and took over as my stomach was a little bit cramp. Thankie!

Nasi Lemak

Sunday, April 13, 2008

It has been years since we last cook NASI LEMAK at home. Many thanks to my mummy who helped me to get all the ingredients, cleaned up the kunning fishes, washed and dryed the peanuts and ikan bilis(anchovies) and tied the pandan leaves for the rice. Mostly fried food, easy to prepare and simple to cook, except the sambal chili. I can't share much about the sambal recipe as the some of the ingredients eg. chili powder was given our Indian neighbour whose mummy brought back from Sri Lanka. It is really very tasty !

Ta dah!! We have sunny-side-up egg, fish ball, sambal sotong, kunning fish, fried chicken, otah, peanut and ikan bilis !!