Chef Ben In Kitchen

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

By now, I think the whole world knows Ben loves Chappati/Roti and he has been pestering me to make Chappati at home but I refused to cook because my bump is getting bigger and I am just too lazy to cook anything. So I told Ben to go ahead if he really wants to make Chappati at home. Actually I was thinking, there are just so many herbs to get and the wheat flour, is a big headache because we will need to travel to Mustafa to get it. Guess what, our smart Ben got his buddy - Saurabh to get all the ingredients for him !

What can I say, he die die wanna make Chappati at home this morning ! Okay, no choice la, I brought out my mixing bowl, rolling pin and wash the cutting board ( yeah we didn't even buy the rolling board yet! ).


As for the dirty job - mixing the flour with water, kneading... I'll let him do. Well, not bad I will say, as in, first time making your own chappati from the beginning to the end. Taste? Oh, I was too full to taste it myself but Ben is happy with his Chappati and he said he is going to make again in this afternoon... we'll see... :)

Barley Drink for Ben

Ben came home around 4pm as he was feeling unwell ( sorethroat & blocked nose )on last Tuesday. So worried that he might be down with H1N1, even Keerthi told him not to come near me but besides going home, where else can wabee go?

With doses of piriton, panadol and bowls of hot barley drinks for 2 days, I was glad he felt better. :)

It Was A Ketchup Day

ketchup fish

Ben Cooked The Fish

I told Ben to "look after" the fish while I went for a cold shower. The "condition" of the fish was quite bad actually as Ben kept "flipping it", it was so bad that I have to pour my special tasty gravy onto it before taking photo. How was the taste? Of course it was good!! Still have to thank Ben, for coming home earlier to see me.

simple dinner

Pisang Goreng ( Banana Fritters) Part II

Ben wants to eat Pisang Goreng again and so do I...hehee... I am using Amy Beh's Recipe this time, please do not eat the Pisang right a way after frying, I also thought it will be very crispy and shiok but using Amy's recipe, these can only be eaten after 20 minutes ( at least ).

1/2 cup self-raising flour
1/4 cup corn flour
1 tbsp rice flour
Pinch of salt
1/2 tsp baking powder
180ml water
1½ tbsp oil
5-6 bananas, halved
Oil for deep-frying

Banana Fritters ( Pisang Goreng )

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Curry Potatoes Puffs

First attempt!!!! Found a simple recipe online and decided to go over to mum's place to make for everyone. Too bad :(, skin too hard... next time we will try using egg instead of butter.makan9