Chef Ben In Kitchen

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

By now, I think the whole world knows Ben loves Chappati/Roti and he has been pestering me to make Chappati at home but I refused to cook because my bump is getting bigger and I am just too lazy to cook anything. So I told Ben to go ahead if he really wants to make Chappati at home. Actually I was thinking, there are just so many herbs to get and the wheat flour, is a big headache because we will need to travel to Mustafa to get it. Guess what, our smart Ben got his buddy - Saurabh to get all the ingredients for him !

What can I say, he die die wanna make Chappati at home this morning ! Okay, no choice la, I brought out my mixing bowl, rolling pin and wash the cutting board ( yeah we didn't even buy the rolling board yet! ).


As for the dirty job - mixing the flour with water, kneading... I'll let him do. Well, not bad I will say, as in, first time making your own chappati from the beginning to the end. Taste? Oh, I was too full to taste it myself but Ben is happy with his Chappati and he said he is going to make again in this afternoon... we'll see... :)