Surprise ! Surprise !

Sunday, September 28, 2008

We decided to give mum a surprise - To Celebrate Her 56th Birthday, actually not one surprise but TWO!

First, we told her not to cook and our weekend gathering will be over our place on Saturday. Of course, I will be the one cooking. Ben was very kind to accompany me to do some marketing at Cold Storage and NTUC as he knew I can never carry all the bags on my own. Yeah, we took a cab home after that.

What's for dinner? LAKSA!! Eh...don't ask for recipe because I used premix and add other stuff. *come on, one man show leh, use only 4 hours, ok?*

I know I know, no big deal right? This is not the first time cooking dinner for 10 persons, so what's the surprise?

Tadah !! Peach Longevity Bun from D'Bun ! Mum was so happy!And our second Surprise - ICE CREAM CAKE for mummy!

Although it was a failure but mum never complained and she never did, I remember

- Baking numerous non edible stuff and wasted more than 50 eggs, she always says," Try again tomorrow.."

- During my Sec, I was so FAT that I still thought I was a pretty girl, why? Because no one(in the family)ever tease me. Of course now I know I was indeed SUPER DUPER FATTY BOOM BOOM. I was so touch when she told me she will definitely send me to Marie France..

- I SPENT $800 yakking on the phone with an idiot in my Poly 1st year instead of buying myself an air ticket to London but mum didn't scold me.

- I drove our Toyota out without license and banged against the lamp post, causing a big hump at the front and headlight was gone, mum said," you're so daring.." I thought she was going to wallop me! Maybe she would if it is dad's Merz..hahahaha... joking, I didn't get to drive daddy's Merz because I don't have the guts to get a car license after that accident. *chicken la*

Yeah, that's our mum... Happy Birthday Mummy!!!!