Beef Rendang..I sukaaaa....

Friday, January 11, 2008

Beef cubes! Saw them at AMK hub today while shoppin' with parents. We are hunting for new fridge...

Big side track right? But still need to eat what..

Simple recipe, lazy bum can go supermarket to buy ready made rendang sauce.

Beef in cubes & curry leaves

Stir fried our homemade chilli with rendang sauce

Add curry leaves and stir fried till you can smell the fragrance

Then add in the beef

Stir fried...stir fried...

Add in fresh milk/evaporated milk

Add in little water and let it boils

Transfer into a pot and continue to cook

Using the invertor cooker, I started it with No.6, once boiled, decrease to No.3, 2nd boiled, decrease to No.2.

Can scoop up once it is soften


no photos? Still cooking now, will show the final result after my dinner ok?








:: YUM YUM ::


Ee said...

hi, what is that cute gadget that u used for cooking ur rendang? i've never seen it be4. interesting....

Diana G.B. said...

Are you refering to the invention stove?

Is selling at metro, taka but different brands.