Kitchen Aid Artisan or Kenwood Patissier ?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I was lemming on this Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer for quite sometime and now I am in dilemma to get this one or to get the Kenwood Patissier. Reason is simple : PRICE! One is $899 and the latter is only less than $500. Features wise, almost the same and I can choose colour. Was crazy about pink one and now I am getting a white red one instead (wanna paint my future kitchen in white pink). HOW!??


liveyrdream said...


just chanced upon your blog through a Hello Kitty forum.

Have you gotten your mixer yet?

I think Kitchen aid is much better than the Kenwood pastttesier (because it's made in china if I'm not wrong)...

Price really means a lot in a good mixer. ( don't go for cheaper option if you can)

Because I think it looks better... and less noisy... and motor is really powerful...

If you want to get kenwood, got to get the higher range ( like chef or major)... don't get the pasttissier...

becuase I own both Kitchen aid and kenwood. But still prefer kitchen aid :)

btw, I love baking like crazy too! :)

Diana G.B. said...


I bought the patissier..someone was telling me to get this one.. :(

have not use it actually, will unwrap after renovation. wanna bake for housewarming party.