Chicken Rice Balls

Saturday, May 03, 2008

My mummy is a good cook! I am so proud of her and that explained why my weight rose up 72 kg 8 years ago. Thanks to hubby who constantly reminded me that "health is wealth" few years back and I've learnt how to control my diet and most importantly, control the amount of food I consumed, no matter how nice it is. Okay, sorry for digressing, one of mum's signature dish is Hainanese Chicken Rice. As mentioned many times(in my blog) that we are pure Hainanese, how can we not know how to cook authentic chicken rice and make rice balls? We tried the famous chicken rice balls in Malacca but find it too oily and it is not handmade. It is very tedious to prepare as my mummy used her bare hand to roll the steaming hot rice with a little bit pressure to form into ball shaped. After rolling, her palms were all red and sore. Some may ask why must it be steaming hot? "so that the rice will stick onto each other and hold the shape nicely", said mummy.